What People Are Saying

    • ...achieving amazing results...

      This instructor changed my entire perspective on life.

      I wish this class lasted forever.
    • Montreal Opera Young Artist Program: ...your experience, your authenticity and exceptional process have touched our young artists deeply. You have added a highly personal approach to their art form..
    • I have been back three weeks now and I still feel like I can take on the world. The course was so inspiring and motivating and it really helped me to make a lot of choices and set a lot of goals.
    • UNBC Continuing Studies, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Music Education: Every concept helped me picture myself feeling more powerful, or supporting my students to feel their empowerment. This course is incredibly helpful and relavant, whether I see myself as an individual, a teacher, or a channel for someone else's growth.

      Never taken a better course at McGill. The potential that this course has to help musicians cannot be overestimated. Some of the results which we witnessed in class were pretty astounding. Bernard makes you realize what’s out there and how much this knowledge would enable us to help our students as well as ourselves.
    • I found that your masterclass was above and beyond what I expected. The powerful experience I had in that masterclass... forced me to explore another level of my artistry.
    • UBC Opera Department: You were fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My God!! Everyone has been calling and emailing about your performance. Bernard, you were truly amazing. Thank you so much. It really made the event come alive and it was so moving. It really was as though Louis Riel had come back to state his case once. .........Nancy Herminston
    • I gained so much from working with Bernard. His emphasis on trusting one’s innate abilities and instincts is extremely liberating! Bernard helps you focus on the artistic purpose behind every word and gesture.
    • Exceptional! Knowledge about the subject is well shared...
    • The energy, cohesiveness and the musicality of the group afterwords, was quite remarkable. Dominique Hogan, Musical Director of Burstin' with Broadway Choir, Vancouver, BC
    • A true master in the field of music.